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Hula Hula River

Join us on the Hulahula, a quintessential arctic river, for an 11-day paddle raft trip. “The Hula” is located in the heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), home to wild and rugged terrain, abundant wildlife, and never-ending daylight. The river meanders through gently rolling hills on its way to the Beaufort Sea as the rocky snow-capped peaks of the Brooks Range tower above. This pristine arctic landscape is ideal for those seeking quiet and solitude, breathtaking scenery, and a unique adventure. The bush plane flight through the Brooks Range that preceeds the trip is in itself a once in a lifetime experience. Our relaxed schedule provides time for reading, conversation, and day-hikes through tundra blanketed in wildflowers. The journey ends at our take-out in the Beaufort Sea where we are camped next to the arctic ice pack. Incredible opportunities for wildlife encounters make this expedition not just a river trip but an unforgettable “arctic safari.”

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by Lonnie Hutson

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The Trip
The trip begins and ends in Fairbanks, AK, where we gather for a group informational meeting the night before departing for the river. The next day we travel to the river, flying with Wright Air for the scenic trip (included in trip cost). We land at the headwaters of the Hula and make our first camp and enjoy dinner together for the first time in the Alaska wilderness. The next day we will launch and travel downstream for the rest of our trip. From the narrow gorges of the Brooks Range we will float 80 miles through the broad coastal plain and reach our ultimate destination, the Arctic Ocean. From there, we reconvene with Wright Air and are relaxing back in Fairbanks for our last evening together.

Camping on the Hula Hula River
Sundog Expeditions likes to provide a participatory experience. Each day as we camp along the river, you will be involved in helping set up the comforts of camp.

Hula Hula

Group Size
is limited by the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to 10 group members, including guides and guests.

Meals & Food
All meals will be provided on the river beginning with lunch before we launch on the first day of your trip and ending with lunch at our take-out. We serve a wonderful menu of delicious and healthy foods. We are able to accommodate most dietary requests and requirements.

Campfires are made in firepans to avoid scorching the sand or soil and allowing us to remove the ash from our campsite, leaving a no trace camp.

Experience, Age, FitnessHula Hula River

This trip is suitable for individuals of varying levels of experience. The minimum age for participation is 14 years old and there is no upper limit. You should be in reasonable physical condition and those with serious health concerns should be aware that this trip is conducted in true wilderness. First time campers are welcome and will acquire skills in outdoor living with the help of our very experienced guides.


SUNDOG EXPEDITIONS provides each guest with a Coast Guard Approved/Type V Lifejacket, all eating utensils (including plates, bowls, and flatware), an insulated coffee mug with lid, a high quality 4-season tent (double occupancy), a waist high wader with rubber booties, high quality rubberized rain jacket, waterproof bags, and storage for brHula Hulaeakable items.

To insure your comfort we provide you with a high quality four-season tent  for two people,  single tent rental is available. We will teach you how to set it up if you have no experience or are unfamiliar with the equipment.

Layers are always a good bet. When you sign up for a trip with us, you will receive an information package which will include a detailed list of what you will need to bring with you to be comfortable both on the river and at camp.

Sundog Expeditions has Rental Sleepkits available. Avoid the hassle of traveling with bulky sleeping gear by renting

The Arctic is a land of extremes and you should be prepared for variability. It is often warm and sunny, but it can become windy, cold, and rainy for extended periods of time. Temperatures range from the 40's and 50's (Fahrenheit) at night, to the 60's 70's and 80's in the daytime. It is always cool while we are floating on the river.Caribou

You will not need to bring a flashlight with you.


This stretch of river is rated Class Il-lll
A fast flowing river with a nice gradient and numerous class II-III rapids.

Hula Hula

Copper River

When you sign up for a trip with us you will receive a detailed information pack which will include information on travel and accommodations.

Major Airlines provide service from the lower 48 to Fairbanks, they include: Alaska Airlines, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta.

Meals and Food
All meals will be provided on the river beginning with lunch on the first day of your trip and ending with lunch on the river before we reach our take-out. We serve a wonderful menu ofGrizzly Bear delicious and healthy foods. Including fresh fruits, vegetables and meats which we carry in large coolers. Each evening and morning your crew will prepare amazing meals and lunch will be prepared on the river at around noontime. We are able to accommodate most dietary requests and requirements.

A sample menu for one day might go something like this...For Breakfast, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Tea, and Orange Juice, Blueberry Pancakes with real Maple Syrup, Thick-sliced Bacon, and Grapefruit and Orange Compote. For Lunch on the river...Mexican Burrito Wrap Sandwiches with Tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa. And later on at camp, Egg Drop Soup, Marinated Mushrooms, Gouda Cheese and Crackers. Dinner of fresh Curried Shrimp served with Balsamic Rice and a fresh Caesar Salad. For Dessert...Cheesecake!

Toilet in order to maintain the pristine camps on the Salmon River we carry out all waste and trash. Each day when you arrive at camp your guides will set up a private portable toilet system. Please don't worry! Your comfort is paramount and your crew will explain everything you need to know at the very beginning your trip

Our guides work very hard to provide a great trip for you. At your discretion, a tip may be left with your trip leader and will be appreciated by all of your crew